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About Holland

Holland or rather the kingdom of the Netherlands is located in the northwestern part of the continent of Europe. It borders in the west to the North Sea, to the east it shares borders with Germany and to its south lies Belgium. In spite of the fact that many refer to the country as Holland, it is technically not correct. This is because Holland is one of the provinces that are further classified as North Holland and South Holland. Amsterdam, which is the capital is located in North Holland and Rotterdam, which is the largest port in Europe is in South Holland. There is a host of sources that can point you in the direction of information about study opportunities in Holland. A student is well advised to choose the right kind of educational course, depending not just on what they like, but also on other factors like their own personality and whether they would prefer one or the other university that aligns with their ambitions as well as career goals and also their personal preferences. Before a student decides on what is the type of curriculum they want to pursue, they have to check is whether they will be admitted to the program that they feel inclined towards. This is because every institution has their own requirements for admission to their courses. Thus, students are advised to get all the information about study in Holland. This will ensure that either they are going in the right direction.

Why study in Holland

In a shrinking global scenario, students as well as professionals look beyond the horizon for better opportunities. Whether it is with a view to earning a better salary or furthering their studies in colleges or universities. One of the fundamental reasons why students these days flock to colleges and universities in Europe in countries like Holland is that the cost of education is far less when compared to the favorite destinations like US. When a student decides to study abroad in Holland, he or she has to first familiarize with the basic requirements of the different universities in the country. This is because although the level of education is more or less the same, individual institutions have their own set of prerequisites when it comes to admitting students in their courses. A diploma earned in Netherlands opens a host of possibilities for the student not only in this country, but all over Europe as well as the world. Students, especially from countries that are not a part of the EU have to get access to a whole world of information that focus on a lot of facets as enumerated below.

· Holland embraces the ten point grading for all the courses that are offered starting from the high school level.

· Students can opt for a bachelor's, master's or a Ph.D depending on the level of education that they have completed before they enter Holland.

· A course of study in Holland means a high level of interaction amongst students. This nurtures team spirit as well as open arm acceptance of students from other parts of the world.

· Students get the opportunity to work in close knit teams when they are working on projects

· A student who has a high level of interaction in the class is highly appreciated and thus students are encouraged to be interactive. This fosters a sense of understanding and compassion.

· The respect for the opinion of others is encouraged at the curriculum level which sets a strong foundation of a good citizen and excellent team player when they step into the open world.


Documents Required:

1. Student gets E-visa approval from Immigration. (University will provide this E – Visa Letter as mention In Visa Part -1).

2. Admission Letter

3. Copy of TT receipt

4. 2 photographs

5. 1 MVV form of Embassy

6. Original Passport and copy

7. Consent letter from parents along with the passport copy of both the parents. If passport copy is not there than the parent’s photo id cum residence proof can be accepted.

Embassy of Holland in New Delhi

1. 6/50 F, Shantipath, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi - 110021 2. Tel: (+91) 011 2419 7600

Consulate General in Mumbai

1. Address: "Forbes Building" 1st floor, Charanjit Rai Marg, Mumbai - 400001

2. Tel: +91- (0)22 2219 4200

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