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Why study in Canada :

Often the question arises in the minds that why international students choose to study in Canada. Here is the answer to it:

  • You will have various options to choose from big or small universities and small-town or city universities. There are 26 universities of Canada which are featured in the world’s best universities. In which, three of them are listed in the global top 100.

  • It has a beautiful land with urban development along with its non-discriminatory society.

  • Canada is one of the safest countries to stay temporarily, study and settle permanently. Research states that 95% of International people prefer or recommend Canada as the study abroad destination.

  • International Students can experience an active and diverse lifestyle in this wonderful country and enjoy great health care benefits, and the politeness of the locals which is the thing that Canada is most known for.

  • Students will have plenty of excellent opportunities to meet minded people and gain valuable international student experience through different student clubs and organizations.

  • It is believed that graduates from universities in Canada enjoy productive and successful careers.

Now you can answer that is it worth studying in Canada or not. To know more check: Top Reasons to study in Canada!!!

Education System in Canada :

Like many other countries, Canada also has a straight forward Education System divided into these chronological levels of certification/titles for those who want to Study in Canada:

  • Early Childhood Education (Kindergarten or Grade Primary)

  • Elementary Education (Grade 1 to 6)

  • Intermediate Education (Grade 7 & 8)

  • Secondary Education (Grade 9 to 12)

  • Tertiary Education (College / Universities for UG and PG)

  • PhD and Doctoral Studies

In Canada, each province and territory are responsible for its higher education at all the educational levels within it including universities, there is no federal accreditation. This means that each province and territory in Canada set their own standards of higher education in Canada and manage the issues if any, and these are strict to ensure quality. Most international students opting for Canada will choose to pursue their Bachelors or Masters in Canada. To know more about Education System in Canada